February 7/8

Our workshop will give you an opportunity to deeply explore your inner world.


Using the techniques of Core Energetics*, a powerful somatic psychotherapy, we’ll help you access and express the emotional blocks that keep you from feeling fully alive and engaged with life.

We'll examine and deconstruct your "mask", the adapted self, formed in childhood, that has become an identity we unconsciously project out into the world. 


We'll help you confront and integrate your shadow -- the hidden part of us motivated by fear and resentment -- with the awareness that these self-destructive impulses are protecting our deepest vulnerability and true power. 

Our intention is to give you a new experience of yourself, to support you in letting go of the old stories and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, expanding your sense of self and affirming your connection to the creative life force inside you. 


















We promote self-responsibility, which means letting go of blame, forgiving those who hurt us, and embracing the truth that our external reality is a manifestation of habitual thought patterns and unconscious belief systems. 


We’ll teach you skills you to be more self aware, less reactive, firm with your boundaries, and uninhibited in the pursuit of your dreams. Emotional work is meaningful only when we bring what we’ve learned directly into our lives.

Our workshops are co-creations. You're invited to bring all of yourself, to express everything and hold back nothing. When we're willing to step into the unknown and tolerate the discomfort of chaos (change), we move through to the other side and truly transform our lives.

Our belief is that we are all here to serve life, to support conscious evolution and the betterment of human kind by committing fully to our deepest purpose; and that our fulfillment comes from being part of, and contributing to, the growth of the whole.

Artist Warrior King is committed to helping men empower themselves to be better citizens, husband, partners, and fathers. Our workshops are the foundation of our work. It's where we gather to support each other, to share our struggles and dreams, and use the collective energy in service of healing, while facilitating real and lasting change to our lives and the lives of those we love. 

*Core Energetics is a dynamic body-based process that works with our unconscious resistance to being fully alive and present. It was developed by John Pierrakos in the 1970s, evolving out of his work with Wilhelm Reich and Alexander Lowen. Core works with the body as a means of exploring the unconscious mind. Physical techniques are used to support the expression of held-back feelings, with the intention of bringing consciousness to them. The liberation and integration of these feelings brings greater awareness, presence, self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and renewed connection to the physical, mental, and spiritual vitality that is our birthright. 


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