I was born and raised in Southern California. I was brought up playing sports like football, baseball, and surfing at a young age. My Father was a musician so the musical roots were also planted early. As I came into my high school years I faded from football and baseball and focused mainly on Surfing and music.  I was the captain of the surf team throughout high school.  

As my interest in music grew, everything else in my life took a back seat. After I graduated from High School I left for my first National music tour. I continued to tour non-stop until we got a big break. My band Kut U Up was asked to open for Green Day, Blink 182 and Jimmy Eat World on a 52 show U.S. tour. We made a documentary about the tour

called Riding In Vans With Boys.


This is when the “Rock and Roll" lifestyle started to catch up with me. I began drinking and using drugs at a dangerous and unmanageable level.  With so much opportunity on the horizon, I am sad to say, I began to spiral and lost pretty much everything good in my life, including a major record label contract with Dreamworks. I was not able to hold down commitments to myself and others.  I felt alone and saw myself become increasingly separate from the rest of the world. I was in a very dark place, and so I made a decision to get clean and sober. Unfortunately, this process was harder than I thought it would be. I was in and out of sobriety for a number of years and was not able to completely shake the grip of my addictions.

This is when I was introduced to Radical Aliveness. I attended a workshop at Esalen in Northern California. This five-day workshop completely changed my life. I went into a deep process where I faced my biggest fears, felt the deepest sadness, expressed countless layers of anger and ultimately came through the other side feeling freer

than I had ever felt. 


This work also put me in deep connection with Spirit and took my spiritual practice to unbelievable levels of depth and meaning.  I knew right away that I had found

“My Work”.


I was excited to hear Radical Aliveness had a four-year schooling program.  I signed up immediately.  

After completing the schooling program, I became a teachers assistant and simultaneously began developing my own private practice. I have since been passionately engaged in running workshops, weekly groups and with individual clients. Although I work with both men and women, I feel a deep calling to focus on working with men, exploring the different aspects of masculinity and self responsibility. I want to help men grow the way I have grown by inviting them to explore EVERY part of themselves and helping them work through internal and external conflict. My hope is that this will allow them to learn  to feel their feelings and connect on deeper levels, and to ultimately find strength in their own true voice -- to be fully ALIVE!!!



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