"The Core Energetics/Radical Aliveness work that David Sutcliffe facilitates has changed my life irrevocably and it continues to do so in a proactive and life-affirming way.  The work itself is very physical - this is so essential for me and for anyone who I've witnessed participate in it.  We all spend so much conscious and unconscious energy building a rampart around our true selves, the expression of our insecurities and emotions, as though they were our weaknesses.  David, with his sharp instincts and consistent patience, navigates how we mask those parts of ourselves and challenges us, at our own pace, to dive into them and mine them so what we end up with is a true knowledge and celebration of who we are and what we can become.  The fact that this all happens in a group setting (though you can do individual work with him), creates not only a community, but also reminds you, of course, that you are not alone."  

                                                                                                - Jimi S 

"My work with Radical Aliveness began with a weekend workshop that Dave facilitated on the lower/higher self. To say that weekend "cracked me open" is an understatement. I walked out of our two short days together feeling more love and peace then I think I have ever felt. I couldn't believe the deeply connected bonds that were formed between myself and almost complete strangers and how sharing myself in a vulnerable way could ignite so much freedom and expression in me. I was able to go into my deepest/truest feelings and pain and explore and express what was there in its most authentic form. I have never felt more supported to step into my best self and to "have" all my feelings then I do being in a room with Dave and his radical aliveness groups. Dave is a solid rock with the softest, kindest, more understanding heart of anyone I know. This work has changed me forever and I am continually thrilled by the exciting discoveries and experiences I have each time I choose to show up fully and present for the group." - Jennifer 

"Dave's workshops nudge you towards the corners of yourself that you work hardest to avoid. There’s flailing and crying and all kinds of unsophisticated, unpracticed behaviour. It’s awful and it’s amazing. After a weekend workshop I felt like how a person must feel after confessing to a crime years later: Proud to have told the ugly truth, free from the dirty weight of a secret and full of newly liberated energy to use however I wanted."  - Mary A

I can't help but be affected by Dave's intense passion for this work. He embodies what he teaches, brings all of himself, and the energy that radiates through him empowers and heals. I want to bring all of myself to life. Although I'm not perfect and parts of me may be "broken" and in need of healing i'm experiencing that it's from these "broken" parts that my essence shines blindingly bright and beautiful. - Julie S

When I took David Sutcliffe's Workshop I was curious about his capabilities, as being a Transpersonal Therapist I have been privileged to experience & benefit from some very skilled practitioners in Mind /Body Therapy.

Frankly, I was blown away by his Level of Skill . His in the moment inventiveness was astonishing and powerful.

I highly recommend him.  - Heather M

"I first entered the Core Energetics group terrified, disconnected, and with huge reservations, but week after week, I continued to “show up”.  Witnessing the brave and vulnerable acts of others gave me hope and courage to explore the stories that live in all of us; motivating me to keep returning to a space of learning and healing.  After working alongside a group of courageous humans, and an intelligent and sensitively skilled facilitator, I am a changed individual. The work provides practice for life. I stepped into the fear and emerged with an open heart, a desire to live authentically, and a greater understanding of myself, others, and the complicated yet beautiful human condition. I am truly grateful and honored to have connected, learned, and grown by taking risks, trusting the process, and committing to deeper living."  -Diana P

"I had a chance to attend some Radical Aliveness workshops with Dave that changed my life and helped me discover and overcome many of my major blockages mainly around fear, self-love and unworthiness. Dave's workshops provide a safe surrounding where I practiced self-exploration by being the most me possible, honoring my vulnerability without making any effort to be perfect, nice or special. I had been always impressed by Dave intuition and how he just gets the right impulse at the moment to guide everyone through his own experience to get the maximum of it. I will never be grateful enough that I had been guided to this work."  - Ichraq

"This work is intense and it is hard. But it is also truly wonderful. I feel like I am finally on a road to wellness, where I am allowed to express myself and be important in my own life. I am thankful to Dave and the other facilitators for helping me on my journey."  - Christina W

“Performance enhancement and cognitive therapy intertwined beautifully into a radical method of discovering truth. Through David’s steady guidance I bravely delved beyond the surface, experiencing genuine feelings and emotions; a deeper understanding of what it essentially means to become the words I speak on camera.”  - Merwin M

"I went to my first Radical Aliveness workshop because I knew Dave as an actor and I was curious. It turned out to be so much more than that. I went back to my second one with him because it was cathartic and moving and made me feel alive. I spent time thinking about myself as a human on the planet and not about my day to day existence. The world disappeared in those few hours on the Saturday and Sunday and I connected to myself again. Even as I'm writing this, I'm remembering how much that weekend was for me and meant to me. Also the connection with my fellow workshop participant was something I'd never had before or since. I was free to share as little or as much as possible and since I like to share, I felt right at home and safe." - Jennifer M

"The Core Energetics/Radical Aliveness work that David Sutcliffe facilitates has changed my life irrevocably and it continues to do so in a proactive and life-affirming way. 


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