For generations, a man's role was clear and well defined: lead, support, provide and protect.


But as society has changed and traditional gender roles have undergone a revolution,

many men have been left confused and uncertain about their place in the world. 


Masculinity, once defined by nobility, strength, courage, and perseverance, has come under attack.


For good reason. Men have been corrupt with their power, abusive to women, and destructive to the planet. 


In response, men are being told they must change -- to become less aggressive, competitive,

and more connected to our feelings.


Yet at the same time, the challenge to "man-up", and the pressures to succeed

in a fiercely competitive world, are as strong as ever.


These mixed messages, and a generation of boys raised without strong role models, have left men in a crisis.

We're falling behind at every level of education. Addiction to drugs, alcohol, pornography, and video games

has become an epidemic. And suicide rates are rising at disturbing levels.


Men are feeling lost, isolated, and disembodied, living aimlessly without purpose or meaning.

Our mission at Artist Warrior King is to build a community that provides opportunities

and resources for men to learn, grow, connect, and feel. 


Now more than ever we need brotherhood, support, and accountability -- a place to unburden our shame, feel our pain,

and reclaim the power and goodness of our true masculine essence. 


We hear the anger and frustration from women as a call for us to stand up and show up in a new way. 


We see the changes in the culture as an opportunity to break free of limiting constructs

and allow the full expression of our creative force.  


We see powerful men and healthy masculinity as essential to a balanced, thriving, and peaceful society. 


This new masculine is not as a repudiation or denial of our ancestral traditions, but an integration of old and new:

strong, wise, loving, tender, fierce, creative. 


It's time, once again, for men to take responsibility for our lives, to align ourselves with our deepest truth

and good intentions, and bring our full gifts to the world in humility and service.

Men need a new focus for their energy. A call to action. It's time to EVOLVE - but we must do it on our terms, in our way.



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